This is the official web site of the inspiring Singing River Story series by Laura Hildick Burge.  Singing River Story is based on a Choctaw Indian legend.
choctaw singing river
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singing river story

        Through years of Laura's dreams and her nagging computer that turns on by itself, this story has emerged.  The legend of the Singing River has evolved into a world where the folds of time touch to transport Lauren Rayburn, a pursued mother, back to the 17th century.  Here she finds a Native American tribe untouched by the encroaching Europeans.  Her presence sparks an age old war that had almost extinguished the peaceful tribe many years before.  This war, fueled by greed and jealousy, parallels the turmoil Lauren left behind.  Back in her own time, her ex-husband has had her falsely committed to a mental institution in an effort to take her children away and subdue her to his control.  Only the love of her family back in her time and the strength of her ancestral tribe may be able to bring balance to the two chaotic worlds. Read Singing River Story and experience the legend for yourself.

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choctaw singing river

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ISBN: 0977675505

choctaw singing river

Victor Burge and Laura Hildick Burge

choctaw singing river
choctaw singing river
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